Ten fun facts about Uruguay

Fact 1
The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. It is the largest city and the chief port of the country. The official name is The Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

Fact 2
The official currency of Uruguay is the peso. Uruguay gained its independence from Brazil on 25 August 1825.

Fact 3
The climate is warm and temperate.

Fact 4
There is no official religion of Uruguay. 54% are Roman Catholics while 1% is Jewish. The main language is Spanish. Other languages spoken in the country include Portuguese and Portunol.

Fact 5
Uruguay has a very high literacy rate – 97.3%.

Fact 6
The national day is celebrated on August 25 as they gained their independence in 1825 on that day.

Fact 7
The leading sport in Uruguay is soccer after the inception in 1909.

Fact 8
The United Nations has ranked Uruguay as the 45th country in the world for “Quality of Life.”Almost eight-eight % of the population of Uruguay is constituted by the whites. The Mestizos, black and Amerindian are the other ethnic groups in the country.

Fact 9
Agriculture contributes 10% to the gross domestic product. These include rice, wheat, fish, corn and barley. The major industries are food processing, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles and beverages.

Fact 10
Uruguay imports crude and refined oil, passenger and other transportation vehicles and vehicle parts including cellular phones

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Short about Uruguay
Is a country located in the southeast of South America between Argentina and Brazil.

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