Ten fun facts about Chile

Fact 1
Chile has a coastline of 4,435 km although it is only 175 km wide. The country is home to nearly 1500 volcanoes and 500 of them are potentially active.

Fact 2
Chile witnesses four seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring and have a minimum of seven major climatic subtypes. It received its independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1913.

Fact 3
The capital of Chile is Santiago de Chile”. The local currency of Chile is called “Chilean Peso”.

Fact 4
The official language is Spanish though the dialect is different from its neighboring nations.

Fact 5
Christianity is the main religion followed in Chile. 63% of Chileans are Roman Catholics, 15% - 18% are Protestants and 18% are agnostics and atheists.

Fact 6
Chile has one of the highest lakes above sea level in the world called “Lake Chungara”.

Fact 7
The Atacama Desert is the world’s l8th largest desert that has the longest recorded dry spells with no rain for 40 years.

Fact 8
The oldest mummies in the world, the Chinchorro mummies are located in Chile.

Fact 9
Valparaiso is known as “The Garden City” and one of the most prosperous cities in Chile. The national bird is the Andean Condor and the national animal is the Huemul.

Fact 10
Chile exports fish, copper, fruits, wine, chemicals, paper and pulp. It is also rich in hydro power and the sixth largest exporter of wines.

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Short about Chile
Is a South American country bordered by Peru in the north, Bolivia in the northeast, Drake Passage in the south and Argentina in the East.

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