Ten fun facts about Santiago

Ten fun facts about Santiago

1. Chile's Capital, Santiago, is Home to the Universidad de Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is home to the oldest and largest university in the Americas: the Universidad de Chile. Founded in 1622, this prestigious institution has been providing quality education for centuries, and continues to be a leader in higher education in the region.

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2. Rabid-Free Home to Many Strays

Santiago is a city free of rabies, but it is home to an estimated 260,000 dogs - 180,000 of which are strays that wander the streets, while the remaining 80,000 have homes but are allowed to roam freely. This means that the city is full of canine companions, and it is not uncommon to see dogs out and about in the city.

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3. Santiago experiences high levels of air pollution in winter

During the winter months, Santiago experiences a phenomenon known as thermal inversion, which causes high levels of smog and air pollution to accumulate in the Central Valley. This is a major problem for the city, as the air quality can become hazardous to the health of its citizens. The government has implemented various measures to reduce the amount of air pollution, such as encouraging the use of public transportation and limiting the number of cars on the roads. Despite these efforts, Santiago still struggles with air pollution during the winter months.

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4. Chile's Capital: Santiago's Air Quality Dilemma

Santiago, the capital of Chile, has seen a drastic change in its air quality over the past two decades. In the 1990s, the city was able to reduce its pollution levels by one third, however, by 2010, the pollution had doubled, making Santiago the most polluted city in the entire country. This has had a significant impact on the health of the citizens, with many suffering from respiratory illnesses due to the poor air quality.

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5. The Tallest Building in Latin America: Santiago

The vibrant city of Santiago is home to the Gran Torre Santiago, the tallest building in Latin America and the second tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Standing at 300 metres tall, the Gran Torre Santiago is a symbol of the city's modernity and ambition, and is set to become a major landmark in the region.

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6. Chile's Bustling Metropolis

Santiago, the largest city in Chile, is home to an impressive population of over 5 million people in the Commune of Santiago alone, and an even larger metropolitan area of around 7 million people. This bustling city is a vibrant hub of activity, with a wide range of cultural attractions, entertainment, and business opportunities.

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7. Santiago's Annual Festival: A Celebration of the Performing Arts

Every year, the vibrant city of Santiago comes alive for the first three weeks of January with the 'Santiago a Mil' festival. This important event celebrates the performing arts culture of the city, with a wide range of theater, dance and music events taking place throughout the duration of the festival. It is a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience the best of Santiago's culture and entertainment.

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8. The City of Culture and Commerce

In 1541, Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia founded the city of Santiago, making himself the first royal governor of the country. His vision for the city was to create a thriving hub of culture and commerce, and his efforts have certainly paid off - today, Santiago is a bustling metropolis, home to a diverse population and a vibrant economy.

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9. Metro de Santiago Expands in 2016

The bustling city of Santiago is home to the Metro de Santiago, a public transportation system that is used by over 2 million passengers every day. With five lines already in operation, the Metro de Santiago is set to expand even further in 2016 with the opening of two additional lines. This expansion will provide even more convenience and accessibility to the citizens of Santiago, allowing them to get around the city with ease.

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10. Santiago's Capital Stock Exchange is a Major Player in Latin America

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is home to the third largest stock exchange in Latin America - the Santiago Stock Exchange. Founded in 1893, the exchange has grown to become a major financial hub in the region, offering a wide range of services to investors and companies alike. With over 500 listed companies, the Santiago Stock Exchange is a major player in the Latin American financial market.

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