Ten fun facts about Santiago

Fact 1
The largest university and the oldest in the North and South American continents is the Universidad de Chile. It has been around since 1622.

Fact 2
Though the city is free of rabies, as of 2014, an estimated 180,000 stray dogs wander the city. Approximately 80,000 more which have homes are allowed to roam the streets as they please.

Fact 3
Santiago has a problem with thermal inversion during the winter months, so there are high levels of smog and air pollution within the Central Valley.

Fact 4
In the 1990's, the pollution dropped one third, but has doubled by 2010, making Santiago the most polluted city in Chile.

Fact 5
The city homes the tallest building in Latin America called the 'Gran Torre Santiago'. Upon its completion it will be the second tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fact 6
It is the largest city in Chile and includes the Commune of Santiago, which has a population of over 5 million as well as the metropolitan area with about 7 million people.

Fact 7
For the first three weeks in January, the 'Santiago a Mil' festival takes place every year and is an important part of the performing arts culture, offering theater, dance and music events.

Fact 8
The city was founded by Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in 1541 and made himself the first royal governor of the country.

Fact 9
With five lines already, the Metro de Santiago carries over 2 million passengers a day and expects to open two more lines as of 2016.

Fact 10
The Santiago Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in Latin America and was founded in 1893.

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Short about Santiago
The capital and largest city of Chile.