Ten fun facts about Buenos Aires

Fact 1
It is not only the second largest metropolitan area in South America but also the third largest conurbation in Latin America.

Fact 2
In 1994 the city was granted to be an autonomous district with its formal name: Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.

Fact 3
With a population of around 15.5 million people, Buenos Aires is on the list of the 20 largest cities in the world.

Fact 4
The country has a high readership compared to the rest of Latin America, with a number of libraries and reading centers in Buenos Aires including the Bookshop El Ateneo and the National Library of the Argentine Republic.

Fact 5
It is a big tourist spot, considering approximately 2.5 million tourists visited the city in 2008. It was also voted the second most desirable city to visit by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2008.

Fact 6
The city homes a number of universities, including the University of Buenos Aires which has produced five Nobel Prize winners.

Fact 7
The first cinema opened in the city in 1896 and has been the center for the Argentine cinema industry with over 2,000 films produced and directed within the city.

Fact 8
Because the city is influenced by European culture so much, the city is sometimes called the 'Paris of South America'.

Fact 9
The King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center is the largest mosque in South America and is located in Buenos Aires.

Fact 10
The 'Guardia Urbana de Buenos Aires' was the original specialized civilian force, but in 2010,the city revised into the 'Metropolitan Police' with 1,850 officers and hoping to expand to 16,000.

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Short about Buenos Aires
The capital and largest city of Argentina.