Ten fun facts about Madrid

Fact 1
It is the third largest city in the European Union and its metropolitan area is also the third largest.

Fact 2
Though the first historical data comes from around the 9th century, Madrid is said to have been occupied since the prehistoric times.

Fact 3
Madrid is home to the largest university in Spain as well as one of the oldest universities in the world; The Complutense University of Madrid.

Fact 4
As of 2010, Madrid was one of the greenest places in the world to live with approximately 300,000 aligned trees.

Fact 5
In the neighborhood of Lavapies, there are 'hidden houses'. These are where illegal bars or abandoned spaces host concerts or poetry readings.

Fact 6
Nightlife in Madrid is a crucial part of the party life. Most activities don't begin until midnight, and some bars aren't busy until 4 A.M. and stay open until 6 A.M.

Fact 7
The largest library in Spain, located in Madrid, is the National Library of Spain with over 26,000,000 items.

Fact 8
Residents of Madrid are often called 'gatos', because during the reconquering of the city in 1083, a teenager scaled the wall with a rope helping soldiers over to take back their city.

Fact 9
Through some controversy, it is debated if the original name of the city was 'Ursaria', meaning land of the bears in Latin. Combined with the the Spanish word madrono, meaning strawberry tree, this forms the emblem of the city.

Fact 10
Madrid is the highest capital in Europe at a height of 667 meters above sea level.

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Short about Madrid
The capital and largest city of Spain.