Ten fun facts about Hanoi

Ten fun facts about Hanoi

1. Explore A Vibrant City with a Rich History

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a city with a rich and vibrant history. Established in 1010, the city has been continuously inhabited for over 4,000 years, with evidence of human settlement dating back to 3000 B.C. This makes Hanoi one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia, and a testament to its resilience and longevity. Today, the city is a bustling metropolis, with a population of over 8 million people, and a vibrant culture that celebrates its long and storied past.

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2. The City of a Thousand Dragons

In 1010, the first ruler of the Ly Dynasty, King Ly Thai To, renamed the city of Hanoi to 'Thang Long', which translates to 'soaring dragon'. This was due to the fact that he claimed to have seen a dragon flying over the Red River. This renaming of the city was the beginning of a long and rich history for Hanoi, which has since become the capital of Vietnam.

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3. Hanoi's narrow buildings

The city of Hanoi is known for its tall, yet extremely narrow buildings. This is due to the fact that the property tax is based on the width of the front of the building, meaning that the owners of these buildings have to make them as narrow as possible in order to save money. As a result, the streets of Hanoi are filled with tall, thin buildings that are often only a few meters wide.

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4. See Hanoi's Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre!

Hanoi is home to the world-famous Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, a tradition that dates back to the 11th century. This unique form of entertainment originated from the flooding of rice paddy fields, with people standing in the water and manipulating puppets to perform. The theatre has been delighting audiences for centuries, and is a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

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5. Hanoi's Long Bien Bridge: A Remarkable Engineering Achievement

The Long Bien Bridge, a remarkable feat of engineering, is a vital connection between Hoan Kiem and Long Bien of Hanoi. Designed by the same man who created the iconic Eiffel Tower, the bridge is a testament to the ingenuity of Gustave Eiffel. Unfortunately, the area surrounding the bridge is one of the poorest in Hanoi, and as a result, there are families of homeless people living beneath it. Despite this, the bridge remains a symbol of Hanoi's resilience and strength.

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6. "Hanoi Hilton: Where McCain Was Held Captive"

Hoa Lo Prison, infamously known as the 'Hanoi Hilton' by American POWs, was the prison where U.S. Senator John McCain was held captive from 1967 to 1973 during the Vietnam War. The prison was notorious for its cruel and inhumane torture methods, and McCain himself claimed to have been a victim of such torture. The prison was so notorious that it earned the nickname 'Hanoi Hilton' from the American POWs, a name that has since become synonymous with the prison's dark history.

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7. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a popular tourist destination.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a popular tourist destination, having been ranked number 8 in TripAdvisor's 2014 Traveller's Choice list of 'World's Best Destinations'. With its rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and stunning architecture, it's no wonder why Hanoi is so highly regarded. From the bustling Old Quarter to the tranquil Hoan Kiem Lake, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful city. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or an exciting adventure, Hanoi is the perfect destination.

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8. Luxury in World's Most Affordable City!

In 2012, Hanoi was the most affordable city in the world for a luxurious one night stay for two at a four-star hotel. This package included two cocktails, a delicious dinner with a bottle of wine, and a taxi ride to and from the hotel. This amazing deal made Hanoi a popular destination for travelers looking for a luxurious experience without breaking the bank.

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9. Unique Hanoi Restaurants Serve Dishes Containing Unusual Ingredients

Hanoi is home to some truly unique culinary experiences, with restaurants offering dishes containing some unusual ingredients. For the more adventurous foodies, there are restaurants in Hanoi that serve dishes containing dog, insects, and even snakes. These dishes are often prepared in traditional Vietnamese style, with a variety of herbs and spices, and are sure to provide an unforgettable dining experience.

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10. The City of Shopping

Hanoi is renowned for its shopping scene, with Smart Travel Asia naming it one of the top 10 cities for shopping in all of Asia in 2009. With a wide variety of markets, malls, and boutiques, Hanoi offers something for everyone. From traditional handicrafts and souvenirs to modern fashion and electronics, the city has it all. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or a special treat for yourself, Hanoi is the perfect place to find it.

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The capital of Vietnam and the country's second largest city.