Ten fun facts about Rabat

Fact 1
Rabat, translated directly from Arabic, means 'Fortified Place'.

Fact 2
In 2013, Rabat was voted the number 2 spot in the CNN countdown of the top travel destinations.

Fact 3
Much of the film 'Black Hawk Down', in 2001, was photographed in Rabat.

Fact 4
L'appartment 22 is the first independent space for visual arts in Morocco as well as the country's first cultural Internet radio station. It is based in Rabat.

Fact 5
Rabat has a new, modern tram system but petit taxis are a common method of transportation. Their color depends on their city. In Rabat, they are blue.

Fact 6
When shopping in Rabat, it's easy to bargain your way down to a lower price rather than pretending to walk away and leave the deal.

Fact 7
Rabat is located at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg, separating it from the city Sale.

Fact 8
In 2012, Rabat was granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

Fact 9
The Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium was built in 1983 and used for many different purposes from football matches to stage athletics.

Fact 10
Some prominent people that were born in Rabat include French Montana, an American rapper and Helene Hagan, an American anthropologist.

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Short about Rabat
The capital and third largest city of Morocco.