Ten fun facts about Berlin

Fact 1
Berlin one of the cities with the most vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the world.

Fact 2
In the 1920's, the city was sometimes referred to as the 'Gay Capital of Europe'. In 1896 it started the first gay magazine and had the first gay demonstration in 1922.

Fact 3
The Berlin Film Festival, which has been celebrated every year since 1978 and is the largest publicly attended event in the world with over 430,000 admissions.

Fact 4
The city is home to 153 museums, including an ensemble on Museum Island that is a UNSECO World Heritage Site. It also has over 600 art galleries in the city.

Fact 5
It is the largest city in Germany with a population of 3.5 million residents, as of 2011.

Fact 6
History of medicine has been influence by scientists from Berlin, who include Robert Koch, the developer of vaccines for anthrax, cholera and tuberculosis.

Fact 7
As of 2009, the city has an estimated 710 bicycles per 1,000 residents. Bicyclists also make up for about 13% of total traffic.

Fact 8
The city ranks as third in the most visited cities in the European Union with about 135 million day visitors a year.

Fact 9
The Funkterm Berlin, which was originally a transmitting tower, also includes a restaurant and observation deck.

Fact 10
A section of the Berlin Wall which still remains, is called the East Side Gallery. It may be the largest and longest-lasting open air gallery in the world.

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The capital city of Germany.