Ten fun facts about Vienna

Fact 1
At one point, Vienna was the largest German speaking city in the world, but as of 2013, it is second next to Berlin.

Fact 2
Not only has the city been called 'The City of Dreams' because Sigmund Freud was from there, but it's also called the 'City of Music' because more famous composers have lived there than any other city in the world.

Fact 3
Since 2005, every year, Vienna has been the world's number one destination for international congresses and conventions.

Fact 4
Vienna has been considered the 'ball capital' of the world, hosting over 200 Viennese Balls a year.

Fact 5
The city has its own song genre called 'Wienerlied'. The songs are based on the theme of life in Vienna and are usually sung in Viennese.

Fact 6
The Tiergarten Schonbrunn, or the Vienna Zoo, is located in Vienna and is the oldest zoo in the world. It was founded in 1752.

Fact 7
Vienna is home to the 'Wiener Riesenrad', a Ferris wheel that was built in 1897 and from 1920 to 1985, was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world.

Fact 8
Because at least 25,000 people joined the population in 2012, it was considered the fastest growing city in German speaking countries.

Fact 9
Sometimes the city is referred to as the 'Wine Capital' because it is the only world capital that produces large amounts of wine within their city limits.

Fact 10
In 1927, Vienna was the first place to market and sell the candy 'Pez'.

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The capital city of Austria.