Ten fun facts about Erwin Schrodinger

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Fact 1
Erwin Schrodinger was born on 12th August 1887 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary and died on 4th January 1961.

Fact 2
His early scientific activities included experiments in the field of atmospheric electricity and atmospheric radioactivity and also electrical engineering.

Fact 3
Erwin Schrodinger also formulated the 'wave equation' and also developed formalism and matrix mechanics. Authored many books in numerous fields of physics like thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, color theory, cosmology, general relativity and also attempted to construct a unified field theory.

Fact 4
He was awarded the Haytingera Prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the year 1920 for his work.

Fact 5
One of his famous experiments which he corresponded with Albert Einstein, is the 'Schrodinger's cat thought experiment'.

Fact 6
Upon receiving an invitation from Ireland's Taoiseach, he moved to Ireland and agreed to help in setting up the Institute for Advance Studies in Dublin.

Fact 7
Schrodinger wrote 'What is Life' in which he explained the concepts of negentropy and complex molecule and the genetic code for living organisms.

Fact 8
Schrodinger harbored interest in the philosophy of Vedanta of Hindu religion, which greatly influenced his speculations while writing 'What is Life'. He further speculated the possibility of individual consciousness being a mere manifestation of a single consciousness which prevails in the universe.

Fact 9
His work in the field of color perception, colorimetry and color are lesser known. His writings on these subjects are available in the book 'Outline of a Color Measurement for Daylight Vision'.

Fact 10
Erwin Schrodinger was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1933 for formulating Schrodinger's Equation.

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Short about Erwin Schrodinger
Was an Austrian physicist famous for his contribution in the field of quantum theory.