Ten fun facts about Max Born

Fact 1
Max Born was born on 11 December 1882 and died on 5 January 1970 in Germany.

Fact 2
Max Born was most famous for his contributions in the fields of quantum mechanics, solid-state physics and optics.

Fact 3
He deferred his military service to focus on his graduate studies, but completed his term immediately after graduation. He was posted to the 2nd Guards Dragoons called 'Express Alexandra of Russia' which was stationed in Berlin, Germany.

Fact 4
Max Born had successfully published 27 papers on his work by the end of 1913, which included topics like relativity and the dynamics of crystal lattices. These papers were later compiled to form a book.

Fact 5
While he was studying at the University of Gottingen, Born wrote his PhD thesis on 'Stability of Elastica in Plane and Space' which won him the Philosophy Faculty Prize of the University.

Fact 6
Born and Werner Heisenberg together formulated, the matrix mechanics representation of quantum mechanics.

Fact 7
While he was at Cambridge he wrote 'The Restless Universe' and 'Atomic Physics, which were later adapted as standard textbooks and were published in seven editions.

Fact 8
Born accepted an offer by Indian scientist C.V.Raman to shift to Bangalore in India, but Born could not do so at the Indian Institute of Science did not agree to create an additional chair for him.

Fact 9
After his retirement in 1952, Max Born continued his work in the field of science and produced new editions of his own writings.

Fact 10
Max Born was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1954, for his research in quantum mechanics and his statistical interpretation of the wave function.

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Short about Max Born
Was a German-British mathematician and physicist.