Ten fun facts about Neils Bohr

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Fact 1
His full name was Neils Henrik David Bohr. He was a member of the college soccer team and always wished that he be able to play the game as well as his brother. The latter eventually went on to play with the 1908 Olympic Danish team who won the silver.

Fact 2
Bohr worked very closely with Albert Einstein in 1938 and helped carry-out atomic research;

Fact 3
Fearing arrest by the Germans, David Bohr escaped to Britain during World War II. He moved to the U.S from there and worked in Mexico’s Los Alamos laboratory on the Manhattan Project. It was this very project that led to the creation of the first atom bomb.

Fact 4
For a while during the development of America’s nuclear bomb, he went by the name of Nicholas baker.

Fact 5
The Institute of Theoretical Physics that was set-up by Bohr was sponsored by the famous Danish, Carlsberg Brewery.

Fact 6
In 1922, Neils Bohr received the Nobel Prize for Physics and in 1975, his son Aage Bohr received the Nobel Peace prize. .

Fact 7
During World War II, Bohr offered Jewish scientists a place to live and work in.

Fact 8
Everyone knows that Bohr was a brilliant theoretical physicist, but it is a little-known fact that he was an outstanding administrator as well.

Fact 9
Albert Einstein and Bohr once had an open debate about the Quantum Theory. At one point Einstein said “God does not play dice” and very famously Bohr had retorted “Stop telling God what to do, Einstein”

Fact 10
The Danish government bestowed the “Order of the Elephant” upon him. At this point of time he designed his very own coat of arms. It featured a yin- yang symbol (taijitu)

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Short about Neils Bohr
Was a world renowned Danish physicist born in the year 1885.