Ten fun facts about Enrico Fermi

Fact 1
Enrico Fermi was born on 29 September 1901 Rome, Italy and died on 28 November 1954 Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Fact 2
Fermi is most famous for his work on the first nuclear reactor, Chicago Pile-1 and also for his contributions to the field of statistical mathematics, nuclear and particle physics and also quantum theory.

Fact 3
He is also referred to as 'The Father of the Atomic Bomb' along with Robert Oppenheimer and is considered as one of the few who excelled in both theoretical and experimental physics.

Fact 4
Enrico Fermi found his first source of study of the subject of physics in a book named, Elementorum physicae mathematicae by Andrea Caraffa which included the subjects of astronomy, mathematics, optics, acoustics, classical mathematics.

Fact 5
He also contradicted between the presumption of the probability of extraterrestrial life and the fact that no contact has been made with them; he concluded this on the basis of his study of magnetic fields in the arms of the spiral galaxy. This is now referred to as the 'Fermi Paradox'.

Fact 6
Enrico Fermi was on the Atomic Energy Commission's General Advisory committee post-war and also wrote a report for the committee in which he and Isidor Rabi expressed their opposition to the hydrogen bomb's development and usage.

Fact 7
His later years were devoted to teaching at Chicago University, in the USA and also conducted research in the field of particle physics focusing on muons and pions.

Fact 8
Fermi was regarded as an inspiring teacher by his students and they regarded him highly for his attention to minute details, his simplicity and his careful preparation of his lectures.

Fact 9
The Atomic Energy Commission of United States have named their highest honorary award after Fermi, called the 'Fermi Award'

Fact 10
Enrico Fermi was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work and study on induced radioactivity and for the discovery of transuranic elements.

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Short about Enrico Fermi
Was an Italian experimental and theoretical physicist.