Ten fun facts about John von Neumann

Fact 1
Von Neumann was born in Budapest, Hungary on December 28, 1903.

Fact 2
He studied in Berlin, Zurich and Hamburg and joined the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study in 1930.

Fact 3
John Neumann distinguished himself when he became a US citizen in 1937 with his work in weapons development.

Fact 4
In 1955 he was named a Commissioner of the Atomic Energy Commission, a position he held till his death.

Fact 5
John Newmann was a pioneer of the application of operator theory to quantum mechanics, in the development of functional analysis.

Fact 6
He worked out key steps in the nuclear physics involved in thermonuclear reactions and the hydrogen bomb.

Fact 7
John Newmann developed MANIAC (mathematical analyzer, numerical integrator and computer) when he worked as the director of the Electronic Computer Project from 1946 to 1955.

Fact 8
He set the basics of computer architecture while consulting for the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania regarding the EDVAC project.

Fact 9
His last work, published in book form as “The Computer and the Brain” gives an indication of the direction of his interests at the time of his death.

Fact 10
John Von Newmann died under military security since there was a possibility that he may reveal military secrets while begin heavily medication. He was diagnosed with bone or pancreatic cancer.

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Short about John von Neumann
Was a Hungarian-American mathematician who made major contributions to a vast range of fields.