Ten fun facts about Accra

Fact 1
The greater Accra metropolitan area is the third largest in Ghana by population.

Fact 2
The National Theatre, opened in 1992 in Accra, was built and given as a gift by the Chinese.

Fact 3
At least 30% of the households in the city did not have access to toilet facilities in their home in 2010. They were required to use public toilet facilities.

Fact 4
In 2013, MasterCard's African Cities Growth Index Ranked Accra as Africa's top city, regarding its economic potential over the next five years.

Fact 5
The name Accra, believed to derive from 'Akan' meaning ants, references the manner in which the natives of Accra kept coming back like army ants during a war with the Ashantis.

Fact 6
In 1877, Accra replaced Cape Coast as the capital of the British Gold Coast and has been the capital of Ghana ever since.

Fact 7
A 2010 report states that the city of Accra has a well-educated resident adult population, with over 21% having university level education and 45% having finished their secondary school education.

Fact 8
One of the world's digital dumping grounds, located in Accra, is known as a modern day 'Sodom and Gomorrah'. Approximately 50,000 low-income residents now live there.

Fact 9
The city experiences the harmattan season, from the end of November to the middle of March, where hot, dry and dusty winds blow.

Fact 10
U.N. Habitat estimated that 2 million new households will be required by 2020.

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Short about Accra
The capital and largest city of Ghana.