Ten fun facts about Accra

Ten fun facts about Accra

1. Bustling Hub of Activity & Culture

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is home to the third largest metropolitan area in the country. With a population of over 4 million people, the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area is a bustling hub of activity, boasting a wide range of cultural attractions, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. From the bustling Makola Market to the lively Labadi Beach, Accra is a vibrant city that offers something for everyone.

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2. Gift from China: National Theatre in Accra

The National Theatre in Accra, Ghana, is a magnificent gift from the Chinese people, having been opened in 1992. This impressive building is a symbol of the strong relationship between the two countries, and stands as a testament to the Chinese people's generosity. The theatre is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a variety of performances, from traditional African music and dance to modern plays and musicals. It is a beautiful and vibrant place, and a reminder of the strong bond between Ghana and China.

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3. Lack of Toilet Facilities Threatens Health and Well-being in Accra

In 2010, a staggering 30% of households in Accra lacked access to toilet facilities in their homes, forcing them to rely on public toilets instead. This lack of access to basic sanitation services has had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the city's residents, with the potential for the spread of disease and other health risks.

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4. Africa's Top City for Economic Potential

Accra, the capital of Ghana, was ranked as Africa's top city in terms of economic potential over the next five years by MasterCard's African Cities Growth Index in 2013. This ranking was based on a variety of factors, including the city's economic growth, its ability to attract foreign direct investment, and its potential to create jobs. Accra's strong infrastructure, vibrant business environment, and strategic location have all contributed to its success, making it an attractive destination for investors and businesses alike.

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5. The Name of Accra Comes From the Akan Language

The name Accra is believed to have derived from the Akan language, meaning 'ants'. This is a reference to the resilient nature of the natives of Accra, who, during a war with the Ashantis, kept coming back like an army of ants. This remarkable determination and strength of spirit is still evident in the city today, and is a testament to the courage and resilience of the people of Accra.

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6. Bustling Metropolis with Rich History.

Accra has been the capital of Ghana since 1877, when it replaced Cape Coast as the capital of the British Gold Coast. This marked a significant moment in the country's history, as it has been the seat of government ever since. Accra is now a bustling metropolis, home to a diverse population and a wide range of cultural attractions. It is a vibrant city, with a rich history and a bright future.

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7. Ghana's Capital: Over 21% of Adults Have a University Degree

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is home to a highly educated population. According to a 2010 report, over 21% of the city's adult residents have a university-level education, while 45% have completed their secondary school education. This demonstrates the city's commitment to providing its citizens with the opportunity to pursue higher education and gain the skills necessary to succeed in the modern world.

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8. 50,000 people living in a digital dumping ground in Accra

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is home to a modern-day 'Sodom and Gomorrah': a digital dumping ground where around 50,000 low-income residents now live. This area has become a symbol of the world's growing e-waste problem, with discarded electronics and hazardous materials posing a serious threat to the health and safety of its inhabitants.

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9. Ghana's Capital Experiences the Harmattan Season

Accra, the capital of Ghana, experiences the harmattan season from the end of November to the middle of March. During this time, hot, dry and dusty winds blow across the city, making it difficult to breathe and causing discomfort to the locals. The harmattan season is characterized by low humidity, hazy skies, and a decrease in temperature. It is a time of year when the air is filled with dust particles, making it difficult to see clearly. The harmattan season can be a difficult time for Accra's residents, but it is also a time of year when the city is filled with a unique beauty.

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10. Ghana's Capital, Accra, Faces Population Growth Crisis

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is projected to experience a dramatic increase in population over the next decade. According to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), an estimated 2 million new households will be needed by 2020 to accommodate the growing population. This is a significant increase from the current 1.6 million households in the city, and will require a comprehensive plan to ensure that the city is able to meet the needs of its citizens.

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