Ten fun facts about Mexico City

Fact 1
Mexico City, also known as Distrito Federal, is the most populous metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere.

Fact 2
The policies of the mayor between 2009 and 2011 left Mexico City more secure by installing approximately 11,000 security cameras around the city.

Fact 3
In 1900, the population was about 500,000. In 2005, the city had a population of 19.2 million.

Fact 4
The last recorded date that the central valley of Mexico received a form of snow is on January 12, 1967.

Fact 5
It was the first city to host an NFL regular season game outside of the United States in 2005 at the Azteca Stadium.

Fact 6
Mexico City holds the federal government, but only because it is the center for Mexico's population and history. Queretaro is actually closer to the center of the country, geographically.

Fact 7
Though none of the lakes remain, since Mexico City lies in the Valley of Mexico, the city is sinking - as much as 9 meters in some areas, since the beginning of the 20th century.

Fact 8
The city has one of the world's biggest police officer to resident ratios. There is at least one officer per 100 citizens.

Fact 9
UNAM, or the National Autonomous University of Mexico is located in Mexico City and is the largest university on the continent. It has also ranked 74th on the top 200 World University Rankings, by 'Times Higher Education', in 2006.

Fact 10
Alexander von Humboldt nicknamed the city 'the City of the Palaces' in the 19th century, also known as 'La Cuidad de los Palacios'.

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