Ten fun facts about Charlton Heston

Fact 1
Michael Douglas has won 2 Academy Awards, 4 Golden Globe awards and 1 Cecil. B. DeMille Award. For his role in Wall Street he won the Academy Award.

Fact 2
Michael Douglas shares the same birth date as his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is 25 years younger than him.

Fact 3
When showed the first draft to the script to the popular film “Traffic,” he turned down the role. However, after many rewrites were made to the draft he accepted the part. He was heralded for his acting in the film.

Fact 4
Michael Douglas is credited as being one of the producers of the popular 1975 film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Fact 5
During the early 1990’s he revealed that he was an alcoholic and drug user. He immediately entered a treatment program to treat both addictions.

Fact 6
In 1979 the role of Oliver in the popular film “Love Story” was offered to Michael Douglas. He turned the part down.

Fact 7
After the death of John Lennon, Michael Douglas became a vocal gun control advocate.

Fact 8
In 1993 Michael Douglas appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman”. He revealed during the broadcast that he had Stage IV throat cancer. He has since undergone treatment for his cancer and has a clean-bill of health.

Fact 9
He considers old time actor, Karl Malden to be his mentor.

Fact 10
Michael Douglas’ middle name is Kirk, which is also his father's name.

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Is a well-respected American actor who has won several awards during his career in films.