Ten fun facts about Samuel L. Jackson

Fact 1
Prior to becoming an actor, Samuel L. Jackson worked as a doorman at a famous apartment complex where other Hollywood actors lived.

Fact 2
Up until 1991, the actor was an admitted drug addict. He completed rehab in 1991 before appearing in the movie “Jungle Fever” where he played a drug addict.

Fact 3
During filming of the long-running series, “The Cosby Show”, Samuel L. Jackson worked as a stand-in for Bill Cosby.

Fact 4
In his youth Samuel L. Jackson had a pronounced stutter. As part of his speech therapy, his speech therapist convinced him to audition for a play believing it would help with his disorder. It did in fact help him so much that he changed majors to focus on acting.

Fact 5
It was the role of Jules Winnfield in 1994 that catapulted the career of Samuel L. Jackson. He was 46 at the time.

Fact 6
In the year 2006, the combined films of Samuel L. Jackson had grossed more box office money than any other actor in the world.

Fact 7
During his acting career, the actor has been eaten by both a dinosaur and a shark.

Fact 8
A little known fact is that Samuel L. Jackson is a vegetarian.

Fact 9
The actor loves golfing so much that he requires quick and easy access to a golf course no matter where he is working and what film he is in.

Fact 10
After George Lucas heard an interview with Samuel L. Jackson on the radio where he mentioned that he wanted to work with Lucas, he offered him a role in “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace”.

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Is an American born actor who has been nominated for numerous Academy Awards during his long running career.