Ten fun facts about Glenda Jackson

Fact 1
Glenda Jackson was born the child of a brick layer and a cleaning lady.

Fact 2
Glenda finished her schooling when she was 16 and took a job in a drug store until she was 18.

Fact 3
She enrolled into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art when she was 18.

Fact 4
Glenda portrayed one of the inmates in the movie “The Persecution” and “Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat” while working with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Fact 5
The actress played Queen Elizabeth in the made for television miniseries “Elizabeth R”. This television series was very popular in the United States which opened the door for Glenda’s recognition by American audiences. She went on to win an Academy Award for this role.

Fact 6
Glenda Jackson won two Academy Awards during her acting career. One was for her role in “Women in Love” and the other was for her role in “A Touch of Class”.

Fact 7
The performer gained so much credibility from her acting career that she went on to transition into the world of politics. She gained a seat in the British House of Commons.

Fact 8
This lady is a member of the Labour Party and in 1999 attempted to secure nomination for the position of mayor of London. She was unsuccessful in this attempt.

Fact 9
Glenda Jackson served on the Greater London Assembly advisory committee on the homeless of England.

Fact 10
She is very outspoken on her disapproval of the British involvement in the war in Iraq.

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Short about Glenda Jackson
Is a British award winning actress turned politician.