Ten fun facts about Glenda Jackson

Ten fun facts about Glenda Jackson

1. From Cleaning Lady to Parliamentarian

Glenda Jackson was born to humble beginnings, her father a brick layer and her mother a cleaning lady. Despite her parents' occupations, Jackson was determined to make something of herself and went on to become an Academy Award-winning actress, a Member of Parliament, and a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

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2. 16-Year-Old Glenda Jackson Starts Working in a Drug Store

At the tender age of 16, Glenda Jackson completed her schooling and began working in a drug store, where she remained until she was 18. During this time, she gained valuable experience in the retail industry, which would later prove to be beneficial in her career.

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3. 18-Year-Old Glenda Jackson Enrolled into Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

At the tender age of 18, Glenda Jackson enrolled into the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, a renowned institution that has produced some of the world's most celebrated actors and actresses. Jackson's enrollment into the Academy marked the beginning of her illustrious career in the performing arts, which has seen her win two Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards, and a Tony Award.

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4. Glenda Jackson in "Marat" for RSC

Glenda Jackson, an acclaimed British actress, starred in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat" as one of the inmates. Her performance was highly praised, and she was nominated for a Tony Award for her role. Jackson has had a long and successful career in both stage and screen, and her work with the Royal Shakespeare Company is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

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5. Glenda Jackson Wins Oscar for Elizabeth R

Glenda Jackson's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the made-for-television miniseries "Elizabeth R" was a huge success in the United States, propelling her to fame and recognition among American audiences. Her performance was so well-received that she went on to win an Academy Award for her role in the series.

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6. An Accomplished Actress

Glenda Jackson is an acclaimed actress who has won two Academy Awards for her outstanding performances. In 1969, she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the romantic drama "Women in Love". Four years later, she won her second Academy Award for her portrayal of a divorced woman in the romantic comedy "A Touch of Class". Her impressive career has earned her a place in the history books as one of the most decorated actresses of all time.

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7. A True Multi-Talented Individual

Glenda Jackson is a true example of a multi-talented individual. After gaining immense credibility from her acting career, she decided to transition into the world of politics and was successful in doing so. In 1992, she was elected to the British House of Commons, where she served for 23 years until she retired in 2015. During her time in the House of Commons, she was a vocal advocate for women's rights and social justice.


8. Glenda Jackson Seeks London Mayor Nomination

Glenda Jackson, a member of the Labour Party, attempted to secure the nomination for the position of mayor of London in 1999, but unfortunately was unsuccessful. Despite this setback, she has remained an active member of the Labour Party and continues to strive for a better future for London.

9. Dedicated Actress Helps Those in Need

Glenda Jackson, the two-time Academy Award-winning actress, has dedicated her time to helping those in need. She served on the Greater London Assembly advisory committee on the homeless of England, where she worked to provide assistance to those without a home. Jackson's efforts have been praised by many, and her commitment to helping those in need is an example of her dedication to making a difference in the world.

10. Iraq War a Waste of Resources

Glenda Jackson is a vocal critic of the British government's decision to join the war in Iraq. She has been outspoken in her disapproval of the war, arguing that it has caused immense suffering and destruction in the region, and that it has been a waste of resources and lives. Jackson has also expressed her concern that the war has had a destabilizing effect on the Middle East, and has been a major factor in the rise of terrorism in the region.

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