Ten fun facts about Sally Field

Fact 1
Her full name is Sally Margaret Field. She was born in Pasadena California to film actress Margaret Field on Nov. 6, 1946.

Fact 2
The first real job of her acting career was portraying the part of Gidget in 1959. She never looked back after that and went on to be a very successful star.

Fact 3
She has been nominated for eight Golden Globe awards. She won two of these awards. One for her work in Norma Rae and one for her work in Places in the Heart. She also won Oscars awards for her roles in these same two movies.

Fact 4
The actress has been acclaimed for her exceptional talent and the wide range of roles that she has played. Her most famous long playing role was in the television series “The Flying Nun”.

Fact 5
Some of her most notable movies include “Not Without My Daughter”, “Steel Magnolias” and “Places In The Heart”. All these movies were women dominated and she portrayed women of extraordinary strength of character.

Fact 6
Her role as Mary Todd Lincoln, in the 2012 award winning movie “Lincoln’ directed by Steven Spielberg, won her rave reviews and several award nominations for best supporting actress.

Fact 7
She decided to give singing a try while acting in the movie “The Flying Nun”. She went on to sing “Who Needs Wings To Fly” which was the theme song of the movie. Her hit single “Felicidad” even made it to the Billboards top 100.

Fact 8
Sally Field is 5’2” tall and does not weigh more than one hundred pounds. For her role in Lincoln the actress was required to gain twenty five pounds. This weight gain resulted in the actress having damage to her knees. She had knee surgery as a result of this condition.

Fact 9
Mrs. Field has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. This later caused her to become the spokeswoman for the drug Boniva, which is very effective in the fight against osteoporosis.

Fact 10
She is an activist for gay rights and for women’s rights.

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Is a hugely talented, multi-award winning Hollywood actress.