Ten fun facts about Julianne Moore

Fact 1
Julianne Moore was born in the state of North Carolina in 1960. She came from a family with a military background.

Fact 2
Julianne Moore attributes her personality to the constant shifting from place-to-place, owing it to her father who was an army judge.

Fact 3
Joining the College of Fine Arts and majoring in drama, she was not completely supported by her family as they thought acting was not a stable job choice.

Fact 4
Julianne Moore was born Julie Smith but had to change her name to Julianne Moore as the former was already registered under the Actors Guild. For her screen name she borrowed elements from her parents’ names and merged them.

Fact 5
She started her career in off-Broadway productions, progressing to television shows and ultimately winning an Emmy in 1988 for “As the World Turns”.

Fact 6
Her first major role in movies was in “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”, prior to which she had worked in insubstantial horror movies.

Fact 7
Julianne Moore hit the limelight with her role in “The Fugitive”. After that she was cast in “Jurassic Park 2” after she impressed the influential director Steven Spielberg.

Fact 8
“Boogie Nights” is another memorable role where she plays the role of a sensitive porn star and she garnered tremendous critical acclaim for her role.

Fact 9
Julianne Moore’s role as Clarice in the classic movie “Hannibal” garnered appreciation and she underwent intense FBI training in preparation for the role.

Fact 10
Many deem “Far From Heaven” as her most prolific work, where she plays a woman in a marriage with a closet homosexual.

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Is a British-American actress known for her Academy Award nominated roles and great work in comedy and drama movies.