Ten fun facts about Demi Moore

Fact 1
She was born Demetria Guynes.

Fact 2
Demi quit school when she was 16 years old and worked as a pin-up-girl.

Fact 3
Demi and Freddy Moore, her first husband lived right next door to Nastassja Kinski, the actress. It was she who inspired Demi to move into acting.

Fact 4
In an interview, Moore revealed that she had undergone “leech therapy” in Austria, in 2008. It is meant to combat aging.

Fact 5
In 1991, she posed in the buff while she was 7 months pregnant, for the cover of the Vanity Fair magazine. Again in 1992, she posed nude for the same magazine- this time with her body covered in paint.

Fact 6
Demi was paid $12.5M for the 1996 film, "Striptease". It catapulted her into the Hollywood’s highest-paid actress’ league.

Fact 7
In 1997, on the "Late Show with David Letterman", Moore did several one-arm pushup’s. She wanted to prove that she was fit enough to star in “G.I. Jane" as Navy SEAL.

Fact 8
In the 2005-2006, Donatella Versace the Italian designer replaced Madonna with Demi for the fashion house’s campaign.

Fact 9
Moore owns "Moving Pictures", a production company.

Fact 10
She has undergone several cosmetic surgeries to get rid of the fat on her abdomen, hips and backside. She has also undergone breast enlargement surgery.

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Short about Demi Moore
Is an American actress, film director, former songwriter, film producer, and model.