Ten fun facts about Claudia Cardinale

Fact 1
Claudia Cardinale was born in Tunisia in 1939 and she comes from a Sicilian family.

Fact 2
Originally, she wanted to get into the teaching profession but she abandoned this plan post winning a beauty contest in Tunisia.

Fact 3
Soon after the contest, Claudia Cardinale was noticed by the film industry in France and the first movie that she acted in subsequently was “Goha” in 1958.

Fact 4
Her first global blockbuster was the movie “Big Deal on Madonna Street” and many regarded her work in the movie as a great acting effort.

Fact 5
Claudia Cardinale had a very strict contract with Vides Films for a period of 7 years that forbid her to do many things like changing her hairstyle in the least or even marrying someone.

Fact 6
Claudia was married to her long-time mentor Valerio Zurlini for a period of 9 years and he was a very important factor in shaping her early career.

Fact 7
One of her most iconic roles in American movies is in the 1968 western hit “Once Upon a Time in the West”.

Fact 8
Claudia Cardinale won the Best Actress Silver Ribbon award for her work in the movie “La Ragazza di Bube” in the year 1963.

Fact 9
Another important film she did in 1963 was “The Leopard” with screen legends like Alain Delon as well as Burt Lancaster.

Fact 10
Claudia Cardinale is popular for her portrayal of Princess Dala in the 1964 movie “The Pink Panther”, with her voice dubbed for the same.

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Short about Claudia Cardinale
She is an Italian film actress known for her great beauty and superior acting talents that made her a household name in Italy.