Facts on English television actresses

Naomi Watts

Is a British-Australian actress.

10 facts about Naomi Watts

Kristin Scott Thomas

Is a French English actress known for her strong work in movies over the years.

10 facts about Kristin Scott Thomas

Kate Winslet

Is a British actress known for the iconic characters she has played over the years and for her off-beat selection of movie roles.

10 facts about Kate Winslet

Helen Mirren

Is a British actress who is official titled, Dame Helen Lydia Mirren.

10 facts about Helen Mirren

Helena Bonham Carter

Is an English actress born in 1966.

10 facts about Helena Bonham Carter

Maggie Smith

Is a British film, stage and television actress.

10 facts about Maggie Smith

Judi Dench

Is a British film, television and stage actor.

10 facts about Judi Dench

Keira Knightley

Is an English actress and a model

10 facts about Keira Knightley

Charlotte Rampling

Is an English actress who has also worked in Italian and French cinema.

10 facts about Charlotte Rampling

Rachel Weisz

Is a film and theatre actress and former fashion model from England who was born on 7 March 1970.

10 facts about Rachel Weisz

Emily Mortimer

is an English actress.

10 facts about Emily Mortimer

Tilda Swinton

Is an award winning British actress and model.

10 facts about Tilda Swinton

Julie Andrews

Is a famous British movie and stage actress, singer, author, theatre director and dancer.

10 facts about Julie Andrews

Carey Mulligan

Is a well known English actress.

10 facts about Carey Mulligan

Glenda Jackson

Is a British award winning actress turned politician.

10 facts about Glenda Jackson

Juno Temple

Is an actress who is most well known for her role in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

10 facts about Juno Temple

Emma Watson

An English actress who played the memorable Hermione in the Harry Potter series.

10 facts about Emma Watson