Ten fun facts about Maggie Smith

Fact 1
Maggie Smith played Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter movies to much acclaim. It has been one of Smith’s greatest roles.

Fact 2
She was born Margaret Natalie Smith and had wanted her stage name to be Margaret Smith. However, there was another actress already using that name and she eventually settled for Maggie Smith.

Fact 3
According to an Orange Film Survey in 2001, Maggie Smith is the 10th-greatest film actress in Britain. Emma Thompson and Julie Walters who acted in the Potter films also feature on this list.

Fact 4
Maggie is one of a handful of actresses’ to have won a “best actress” award before actually winning a “best supporting actress” one.

Fact 5
Maggie was one of the first hundred stars to make her mark on “The Avenue of Stars”. This is the British counterpart of Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”.

Fact 6
She has acted in 3 movies that feature the word "secret" in their title. The movies- “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” and “The Secret Garden”.

Fact 7
Maggie Smith went on to work with Daniel Radcliffe, her Harry Potter co-star, in the film “David Copperfield”.

Fact 8
She was honored with the title of “Dame”. In Britain, it is the female equivalent of being a Knight.

Fact 9
While “Death on the Nile” was being filmed, it was decided that dressing rooms would have to be shared. Maggie ended up with sharing her dressing room with the famous stars- Bette Davis and Angela Lansbury.

Fact 10
The Harry Potter movies’ professor McGonagall is a septuagenarian and so is Maggie. That is probably why she ended up playing the role to perfection.

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