Ten fun facts about Elizabeth Taylor

Ten fun facts about Elizabeth Taylor

1. Elizabeth Taylor's Miracle Recovery From Pneumonia

The filming of Elizabeth Taylor's 1960 movie "Butterfield 8" was interrupted when she was pronounced dead due to a rare strain of pneumonia. Fortunately, she was able to make a miraculous recovery and continue her career as one of the most iconic actresses of all time.

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2. Elizabeth Taylor Earns $1M for Movie Role

Elizabeth Taylor was a trailblazer in the film industry, becoming the first actress to earn a million dollars for a movie role. This milestone was achieved in 1963 when she starred in the epic historical drama, Cleopatra. Taylor's performance in the film was widely praised, and her salary was a reflection of her immense talent and influence.

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3. Elizabeth Taylor's Most Expensive Costumes Ever Made

Elizabeth Taylor's costumes for the 1963 film "Cleopatra" were the most expensive ever for a single actor, with a total budget of $194,800. This was an unprecedented amount for the time, and Taylor's costumes included a variety of luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, and gold thread. The costumes were designed by the renowned costume designer Irene Sharaff, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her work on the film. Taylor's iconic costumes in "Cleopatra" remain some of the most iconic and memorable in film history.

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4. Elizabeth Taylor's Collection of Luxurious Gems

Elizabeth Taylor had a passion for luxurious gems, and her collection was truly remarkable. She owned the stunning 33-carat “Krupp Diamond”, the renowned 69-carat “Burton-Taylor Diamond”, and a variety of other precious stones. Her love for these exquisite jewels was undeniable, and her collection was a testament to her exquisite taste.

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5. Elizabeth Taylor's Back Troubles Begin

In 1944, Elizabeth Taylor suffered a serious back injury while filming the classic movie "National Velvet" when she fell off a horse. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of her back troubles, as she went on to break her back a total of five times over the course of her life. The first incident was the most severe, and it left her in a full body cast for months while she recovered.

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6. "Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding & 'Father of the Bride' Premiere"

Elizabeth Taylor's 1950 film "Father of the Bride" premiered just two days after her real-life wedding to Conrad Hilton Jr. The publicity surrounding the film's release, coupled with the timing of the wedding, helped to make it a huge success. Unfortunately, the marriage itself only lasted as long as the three-month honeymoon, and the couple eventually divorced.

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7. Elizabeth Taylor voices Maggie Simpson for first time

The iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor lent her voice to the beloved cartoon character Maggie Simpson, famously uttering her first word, "Daddy!", in the long-running series "The Simpsons". This momentous occasion marked the first time that Maggie had spoken in the show, and was a memorable moment for fans of the series.


8. Elizabeth Taylor's Warhol Painting Sets New Record

At a Christie's auction in New York, an anonymous bidder made history when they purchased the 1963 Andy Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor for an astonishing $23.7 million, setting a new record for the highest price ever paid for a Warhol painting. This iconic piece of art was created by the renowned pop artist, Andy Warhol, and features a vibrant, colorful portrait of the legendary actress.

9. Elizabeth Taylor Becomes a Jewish Convert

Elizabeth Taylor had a lifelong affinity for Judaism, and in 1959 she finally converted to the faith. She was so devoted to her newfound religion that she even took a Hebrew name, Elisheba Rachel, and was an active member of the Jewish community for the rest of her life.

10. Elizabeth Taylor Didn't Like Being Called 'Liz'

Elizabeth Taylor was not fond of the nickname 'Liz', as she felt it sounded too much like 'hiss'. She was known for her strong opinions and her dislike of the nickname was no exception. She was a Hollywood icon and her full name was Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, but she was often referred to as 'Elizabeth Taylor' or 'Elizabeth'.

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