Ten fun facts about Geoffrey Rush

Fact 1
In 1996 Geoffrey Rush won the Best Actor Oscar for portraying real life character David Helfgott in the film “Shine”.

Fact 2
For his performance in the 2009 Broadway production of “Exit the King”, he won the coveted Tony Award for best actor.

Fact 3
Geoffrey Rush’s all-time favorite film is the 1931 classic “City Lights”. He enjoys the film so much that he often throws parties at his home where he screens the movie for people who haven’t seen it.

Fact 4
As of 2013 Geoffrey Rush was only the fourth actor in Hollywood that had appeared in two films within a series that have grossed over one-billion dollars. The films were “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.

Fact 5
In his youth while attending college, Geoffrey Rush was roommates with fellow Australian actor Mel Gibson.

Fact 6
In 1992 Geoffrey Rush suffered a nervous breakdown after being unable to acquire acting roles that he wanted. He didn’t return to the stage for a few years although he has gone on record as having stated that he prefers to act on stage more than on film.

Fact 7
His debut on stage was in the play “Wrong Side Of The Moon” a Queensland Theater Company production.

Fact 8
He is well known for his gravelly voice that is very booming.

Fact 9
Geoffrey Rush received an Arts Degree upon graduating from the University of Queensland.

Fact 10
He later went on to Paris and enrolled in the L’Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq where he studies mime and movement and theater for two years.

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Short about Geoffrey Rush
Is a highly regarded Australian born film actor and producer who has won several Academy awards.