Ten fun facts about Ciarán Hinds

Ten fun facts about Ciarán Hinds

1. Acclaimed Actor on TV

Ciarán Hinds is an acclaimed actor who has appeared in a variety of television roles, including Gaius Julius Caesar in the acclaimed series Rome, DCI James Langton in Above Suspicion, Bud Hammond in the Emmy Award-winning Political Animals, and Mance Rayder in the Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones. His performances in these roles have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

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2. Ciarán Hinds, Stage Actor, Is a household name

Ciarán Hinds is a renowned stage actor, having performed with some of the most prestigious theatre companies in the world. He has had successful stints with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre in London, and six seasons with the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre. His performances have been met with critical acclaim, and he has become a household name in the theatre world.

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3. Shaping Macbeth For RSC

In the early 1990s, Ciarán Hinds was a prominent member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, one of the most renowned theatre companies in the world. His time with the company saw him take on a variety of roles, from the titular character in Macbeth to the Duke of York in Richard III. His performances were met with critical acclaim, and he was praised for his ability to bring the characters to life with his powerful and emotive performances.

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4. Actor, Star of 'Closer', Gets Wide Recognition

Ciarán Hinds is an acclaimed stage actor, best known for his performance as Larry in the London and Broadway productions of Patrick Marber's Tony Award-nominated play Closer. His portrayal of the character earned him widespread recognition and critical acclaim, with the New York Times praising his "riveting performance" and the London Evening Standard describing him as "superb". His performance was also nominated for a Tony Award, cementing his status as one of the most talented stage actors of his generation.

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5. Two prestigious awards for his performance in Closer

In 1999, Ciarán Hinds was honored with two prestigious awards for his performance in the play Closer. He was awarded the Theatre World Award for Best Debut in New York City, and the Outer Critics Circle Award for Special Achievement (Best Ensemble Cast Performance). This recognition of his talent was a testament to his hard work and dedication to the craft of acting.

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6. Acclaimed Star of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

In early 2013, Ciarán Hinds took to the stage of New York's Broadway theatre to star in a production of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, playing the role of Big Daddy. His performance was met with critical acclaim, with many praising his ability to bring the character to life with his powerful and emotive acting. Hinds' portrayal of Big Daddy was a highlight of the production, and his performance was a testament to his talent and skill as an actor.

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7. Ciarán Hinds, the Actor, Draws Inspiration from His Mother

Ciarán Hinds, the acclaimed actor, had a strong influence from his mother, Moya, who was an amateur actress. She was a great source of inspiration for him, and her passion for the craft of acting was something that he was able to draw upon throughout his career. Moya was a great mentor to Ciarán, and her influence on his work is evident in his performances.

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8. Irish Dancer Ciarán Hinds Enjoys Watching Traditional Dancing

As a young man, Ciarán Hinds was an accomplished Irish dancer, performing traditional jigs and reels with a passion and skill that earned him recognition in his native Ireland. He was a regular at local competitions, often taking home awards for his graceful and energetic performances. His love of Irish dance has stayed with him throughout his life, and he still enjoys watching traditional Irish dancing whenever he can.

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9. An Actor's Career in Pictures

Ciarán Hinds began his illustrious acting career in 1976, when he starred in a production of Cinderella at the renowned Glasgow Citizens' Theatre. This production marked the start of a long and successful career for Hinds, who has since gone on to appear in a variety of critically acclaimed films, television shows, and stage productions.

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10. From Mahabharata to Hollywood

In 1987, Ciarán Hinds was cast by renowned theatre director Peter Brook in the epic six-hour theatre production of The Mahabharata. This production toured the world, and Hinds was also featured in the 1989 film adaptation of the play. His performance in this production was highly acclaimed, and it helped to launch his career as an actor.

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