Ten fun facts about Benicio Del Toro

Fact 1
Benicio Del Toro has several trademark features that make him stand out as an actor. One is his mumbling voice, which is often slurred and adds to his charisma and the other is the dark circles under his eyes, which are prominent and permanent.

Fact 2
Benicio Del Toro is an avid art lover with a great respect for oil paintings.

Fact 3
Though he had aspirations of acting from an early age. his family pleaded with him to become a lawyer as they didn’t believe he had what it would take to become an actor.

Fact 4
For the 1998 film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” Benicio Del Toro gained 40 pounds for the part. He later turned down the role of Diego Rivera in the 2002 film “Frida” because he would be required to gain weight for the part.

Fact 5
While shooting the 2003 film “The Hunted” he was injured during a fight sequence when actor Tommy Lee Jones fell on top of him. Production on the film had to be halted for months so that he could recover.

Fact 6
“Of the bull” is the Spanish interpretation of “Del Toro”. In his childhood, his nicknames were “Beno” and “Skinny Benny”.

Fact 7
Benicio Del Toro claimed the coveted “Audience Award” for Best Actor for his role in the 2003 film “21 Grams” at the Venice International Film Festival.

Fact 8
He won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Traffic”. A role for which he spoke mostly Spanish.

Fact 9
In 1989 he became the youngest actor to ever take on the role of a villain in a “James Bond” film.

Fact 10
Benicio Del Toro did a cameo in Madonna’s 1987 hit music video. La Isla Bonita.

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