Ten fun facts about Mel Gibson

Fact 1
In the 90’s Mel Gibson appeared in People magazine numerous times in their “50 Most Beautiful People” in the world list.

Fact 2
Upon graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Mel Gibson was roommates with actor Geoffrey Rush.

Fact 3
Mel Gibson is most well known for his roles in the Lethal Weapon series and the Mad Max series. He is also acclaimed as director and star of Braveheart, a movie that won an Academy Award.

Fact 4
While he entertains the world with his action-packed movies, his favorite television show of all time is “The Three Stooges”.

Fact 5
Mel Gibson revealed that he has what is known as a “horseshoe kidney”. This is a condition where two kidneys have been fused into one.

Fact 6
He is the first Australian actor to have been paid upwards of one million dollars for a film role.

Fact 7
“The Passion of the Christ”, which was produced by Mel Gibson was such a controversial film project that he found it difficult to find anyone who was willing the money up for it. He finally had to use 25 million dollars of his own money in order to produce and complete the film. It went on to be a surprise hit, especially among the Christian community.

Fact 8
In 1995 the actor was considered for the pivotal role of James Bond in the film “GoldenEye”, a role that eventually went to Pierce Brosnan.

Fact 9
Director Tim Burton also originally considered Mel Gibson for the lead role of Bruce Wayne in the widely popular film “Batman” in 1989 but he lost that role to Michael Keaton.

Fact 10
After displaying a widely controversial attitude and getting in trouble with the law multiple times, it was revealed that Mel Gibson was suffering from bipolar disorder.

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Is an Australian born actor, director and writer famous for his exciting works onscreen and his equally social life off screen