Ten fun facts about Michael Keaton

Fact 1
Michael Keaton is the fourth actor to take on the role of “Batman”. He was director Tim Burton’s first choice to play the part in his 1989 film adaptation of the comic book series. The film gave his career a major boost.

Fact 2
His last name is really Douglas. He changed his name to Keaton when he began acting because there was already a famous actor named Michael Douglas.

Fact 3
Michael Keaton’s first break into the entertainment industry was serving as a stagehand. He did so on the television series “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”.

Fact 4
While struggling to get a break into the movies, he actually lived in his car for two days.

Fact 5
He has played the role of Agent Ray Nicolette in two popular films. These films are “Jackie Brown” and “Out of Sight”.

Fact 6
Keaton was originally asked to play the popular role of Dr. Jack Shephard on the television series “Lost”. The character was supposed to be killed off during the first episode. However, when the producers decided to keep the character long-term, Keaton had to turn down the part because of prior commitments.

Fact 7
He did the voice over for two of Pixar’s animation movies, both of which went to be huge hits. The movies were “Toy Story” and “Cars”.

Fact 8
He was asked to take on the role of Peter Venkman in “Ghostbusters” and though many people thought he would be perfect for the role, he turned down the part for unknown reasons.

Fact 9
Michael Keaton has stated that his favorite pastime is fly-fishing.

Fact 10
In 2004 he produced a documentary about Fred Rogers. The film is titled “Fred Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor”.

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Is an American film actor who won international recognition for his role as Bruce Wayne in two Batman movies.