Ten fun facts about Philip Baker Hall

Fact 1
Philip Baker Hall was born on 10th September, 1931 in Toledo, Ohio.

Fact 2
Before venturing into the world of plays, television and films, Hall served in the U.S. military and also taught English in high school.

Fact 3
Philip Hall is an alumnus of the University of Ohio.

Fact 4
Hall started his acting career by performing in plays for, Off Broadway and Broadway in New York.

Fact 5
In his early work in television, he played over 200 guest roles in several different television shows across a wide range of genres.

Fact 6
Hall's performance in the Paul Thomas Anderson film, Hard Eight was very well received and he went on to act in two more of Anderson's film, namely Magnolia and Boogie Nights.

Fact 7
His most notable film roles include the one's in ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘In Good Company’, ‘You Kill me’, ‘Midnight Run’, ‘The Amityville Horror’, ‘The Zodiac’, and ‘Dogville’ to name a few.

Fact 8
He is well known for playing the cop, Lt. Joe Bookman aka the 'library cop' in two episodes of the television series Seinfield.

Fact 9
His more recent television shows include roles in, Modern Family and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Fact 10
Hall has also appeared for a series of humorous 'Holiday Inn' commercials. His is currently performing in 'I Never Sang For My Father' in Hollywood at the New American Theater.

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Short about Philip Baker Hall
Is an American actor who has acted in several television serials and also in films.