Ten fun facts about Diane Keaton

Fact 1
Diane Keaton’s real name is Diane Hall. When she went to register in the actor’s guild, she found that there already was another actress named Diane Hall. That’s when she changed her last name to Keaton. This was her mother’s maiden name.

Fact 2
As a struggling actress, for a short period of time, she moonlighted at various nightclubs. She was part of a singing act.

Fact 3
She generally dresses very conservatively in public and is known to wear gloves very frequently.

Fact 4
Another well-known idiosyncrasy is that she has a distinct affiliation for the color white. She wears the color whenever she gets the chance to do so.

Fact 5
Though she never suffered from any chronic disease, she now suffers from Adult Onset Asthma.

Fact 6
'Annie Hall' is one of her most acclaimed movies. She won her first Golden Globe for it. During those three decades, she had 6 nominations for different movies she acted in.

Fact 7
Diane sported a very eccentric wardrobe in “Annie Hall”. She mainly wore vintage men's clothing. These included vests, baggy pants, neckties, and fedora hats. Interestingly, this made her a very unlikely fashion icon of the 1970s. Post the release of the film, men's pantsuits and clothing became extremely popular attire for women.

Fact 8
Her first major theater role was in the Broadway hit- “Hair”. She famously refused to go in the buff in its last scene.

Fact 9
Diane Keaton had developed a reputation of being a very eccentric woman. In Hollywood circles, many referred to her as “the kooky actress”.

Fact 10
Keaton has a passion for building preservation and architecture. She is a member of America's National Trust for Historic Preservation. She has been part of several building rehab projects.

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