Ten fun facts about Jakarta

Fact 1
The city is nicknamed the 'Big Durian', a fruit that is thorny and has a pungent smell. It's seen similar to New York City, or the 'Big Apple.'

Fact 2
Jakarta is prone to flooding and is sinking at about 10 centimeters a year. The city is projected to be flooded by 2030.

Fact 3
In 1966, Jakarta was declared a 'special capital city district', making it more of a province, as it has a governor instead of a mayor and is divided into sub-regions.

Fact 4
Since tourism contributes a large portion of income to the city, in 2014 the government provided a double decker city tour bus for sightseeing in Central Jakarta.

Fact 5
The finances in the city are limited, and as of 2013, the approved budget was approximately Rp 50 trillion, or $5.2 billion. That equals out to about $380 per citizen.

Fact 6
Pedicabs, or bicycle cabs, were popular around 1966, but were eventually banned in 1971. Though they were banned, there are still some operating in the slums of the city.

Fact 7
The city hosts 'Car-Free Days' on Sundays from 6 am to 9 am where pedestrians do sports and exercises on the streets where cars are usually occupying them.

Fact 8
Every year, the 'Jakarta Great Sale' is held in June and July. It celebrates Jakarta's anniversary and about 73 shopping centers participated in 2012.

Fact 9
In 2007, the city made a new law banning people from giving money to beggars and prohibited smoking and spitting on public transportation.

Fact 10
It was formerly known as the city of Batavia but was renamed 'Jakarta' after achieving its independence in 1946.

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Short about Jakarta
The capital and largest city of Indonesia.