Ten fun facts about Cape Verde

Fact 1
The official name of the country is Republic of Cape Verde. The monetary unit is Cape Verdean escudo.

Fact 2
This archipelago contains a cluster of 10 islands that form a horse-shoe shape and the combined area they cover is a little more than 4,000 square kilometers.

Fact 3
The island of Santiago is the largest in terms of area and also in terms of the population. The capital city Praia is situation on this island.

Fact 4
Cape Verde gained independence from Portugal on 5th July, 1975.

Fact 5
The ethnic groups are Creole (mulatto) 71%, African 28% and European 1%.

Fact 6
The languages spoken in Cape Verde are Portuguese and Criuolo. Cape Verde has an exotic unique Creole culture which has absorbed influences from Brazil, Portugal and musical vibes from Senegal.

Fact 7
Cape Verde has a temperate climate with warm, dry summers and little precipitation through the year.

Fact 8
The highest point in the archipelago is Mount Fogo, a volcano reaching 2m829 m in height. The lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean at sea level.

Fact 9
The religion in this country is mainly Roman Catholic infused with indigenous beliefs and Protestant. The literacy rate is 77%.

Fact 10
Despite its lack of natural resources the country has shown remarkable developmental growth and stability over the years.

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Short about Cape Verde
Is an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal, in Western Africa

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