Ten fun facts about Guadeloupe

Fact 1
The islands have lovely white sandy beaches, a rain forest that is brimming with wildlife and the highest waterfall in the Caribbean.

Fact 2
The climate in Guadeloupe is subtropical tempered by trade winds, moderately high humidity.

Fact 3
The highest point is Soufriere at 1,484 m and the lowest point is the Caribbean Sea at 0 m.

Fact 4
The administrative capital of Guadeloupe is Basse-Terre. The Basse-Terre is volcanic in origin with interior mountains The Grande-Terre is low limestone formation with rolling hills and flat plains.

Fact 5
The natural resources are cultivable land, beaches and climate that foster tourism.

Fact 6
The ethnic groups in Guadeloupe consists of Creole (black or mulatto) (90%), East Indian, Lebanese and less than 5% Chinese.

Fact 7
95% of the population is Roman Catholic while the others are Hindu, pagan African and Protestant.

Fact 8
The official language is French. The major population speaks Creole.

Fact 9
The best time to visit Guadeloupe is from December to May when the weather is warm and dry. The rest of the year is hot, humid and wet, especially between July and November.

Fact 10
The exports include bananas, sugar and rum. They import foodstuffs, fuels, vehicles, clothing and other consumer goods and construction materials. Their major tradition partners are France, Germany, US, Japan and Netherlands Antilles.

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Short about Guadeloupe
Is an archipelago located in the West Indies between the eastern Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean southeast of Puerto Rico.

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