Ten fun facts about Martinique

Fact 1
Martinique experiences tropical, maritime climate in the Trade wind belt. The rainy season starts in June till October when it is warm and wet. Temperatures average 79⁰F with alternating wind currents that keep the island cool.

Fact 2
The terrain is mountainous with indented coastline and a dormant volcano. The highest elevation is Montagne Pelee at 1,398 m and the lowest elevation is the Caribbean Sea at sea level.

Fact 3
The ethnic groups in Martinique are African and African-white Indian mixture (84%) white (8%) and 7% East Indian and Chinese.

Fact 4
The languages spoken are French English and Creole. The capital city is Fort-de-France.

Fact 5
The official currency is Euro and the nationality is Martiniquais. This island is the only French island in the group.

Fact 6
Nearly 80% are Roman Catholic, 10% are Protestants, 5% Hindus and others.

Fact 7
Exports are refined petroleum products, bananas, rum and pineapples.

Fact 8
Imports include petroleum products, crude oil, foodstuffs, processed foods, building and construction materials, vehicles, cars and trucks. The major trading partners are France, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, United States and Guadeloupe.

Fact 9
Agriculture products include vegetables, pineapples, fruits, avocadoes, bananas, flowers, vegetables and sugarcane.

Fact 10
The country’s natural resources are beaches, coastal scenery and cultivable land. The economy is based on sugarcane, bananas, tourism and light industry.

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Short about Martinique
Is an island located between the Caribbean sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago.

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