Ten fun facts about Comoros

Fact 1
The islands of Comoros are mostly volcanic with interiors that range from low hills to steep mountains.

Fact 2
Comoros has three official languages which are Comorian, Arabic and French. Nearly 98% are Sunni Muslims and the remaining 2% are Roman Catholics.

Fact 3
Comoros is a “Federal republic”. It gained independence from France on 6, July 1975 and celebrate their National holiday every year. The literacy rate is 56.5%.

Fact 4
The climate is tropical marine and the rainy season begins in November and extends to the month of May. The arable land is only 36%.

Fact 5
The capital of Comoros since 1962 is Moroni which is also the largest city in the country situated on the island of Grande Comore.

Fact 6
The highest point is Le Karthala, an active volcano that towers at a height of 2,360 m and the lowest point is the Indian Ocean.

Fact 7
Comoros is the largest producer of ylang-ylang which is an ingredient used in the making of fragrance oils.

Fact 8
The main agriculture is vanilla, cloves, perfume essences, copra, coconuts, bananas, cassava. Major industries are tourism, perfume distillation.

Fact 9
Comoros imports rice and other foodstuffs, consumer goods, petroleum products, cement and transport equipment.

Fact 10
The major trading partners are U.S., France, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, UAE, Italy, Pakistan and Mauritius.

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Short about Comoros
Is a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean, situated off the Eastern coast of Africa at the northern mouth of the Mozambique Channel.

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