Ten fun facts about Tonga

Fact 1
Tonga is divided into four main parts: Tongatapu in the South, Ha’apai Group in the center, Vava’s group to the north and the three island of the Niuas Group about 400 km north of Vava’u.

Fact 2
The name Tonga means south. It enjoys a milder and comfortable climate. December to April is the hot rainy season with high humidity from January through March. June to August is cool.

Fact 3
The coconut palm is the common plant in Tonga. The leaves are used to make houses and the nuts are used for food and drink.

Fact 4
Migrating humpback whales bear their young and breed in Tongan waters from June to November. Flying foxes and small bats are the only land mammals native to Tonga.

Fact 5
Some of the chief cash crops of Tonga include bananas, coconuts, vanilla beans, coffee beans and root crops.

Fact 6
Fishing and Tourism are the two major industries of Tonga.

Fact 7
The capital and largest city in Tonga is Nuku’alofa. The currency is called “pa’anga”

Fact 8
The kingdom of Tonga is perched just east of the International Date Line.

Fact 9
The Kingdom of Tonga is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Fact 10
Tongan is a West Polynesian language and belongs to the Oceanic branch of Austronesian languages. Tongan and English languages are used in the schools.

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Short about Tonga
Is situated east of the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific and contains active volcanic craters and coral atolls.

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