Facts on Countries in Oceania


Is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent,

10 facts about Australia

Papua New Guinea

Is a country located in Oceania and occupies the eastern half of New Guinea as well as numerous other offshore islands.

10 facts about Papua New Guinea

New Zealand

Is an island country located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean.

10 facts about New Zealand


Is an archipelago comprising of a cluster of 332 islands, located in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean.

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Solomon Islands

Is a scattered archipelago of about 1,000 mountainous islands and low-lying coral atolls situated in Melanesia that lies to the east of Papua New Guinea.

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Is an island nation between Fiji and New Caledonia in the West South Pacific Ocean.

10 facts about Vanuatu


is a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

10 facts about Samoa


Is a tiny archipelago nation in the Pacific Ocean consisting of a single coral island and 32 atolls spread out over 1,351,000 square miles of ocean.

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Is situated east of the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific and contains active volcanic craters and coral atolls.

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