Ten fun facts about Singapore

Ten fun facts about Singapore

1. A Unique Nation of 63 Islands

Singapore is a unique nation, made up of a single main island and 63 smaller islands, many of which are uninhabited. These islands range in size from tiny islets to larger landmasses, and are home to a variety of wildlife and vegetation. The main island is home to the majority of Singapore's population, and is the hub of the country's economy, culture, and politics. Despite its small size, Singapore is a vibrant and diverse nation, with a rich history and culture.

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2. A Tiny Country with Big Plans

Singapore is one of the world's smallest countries, with a total land-mass of just 682.7 square kilometers - a mere fraction of the size of the United States, which is a staggering 15,000 times larger. Despite its small size, Singapore is a bustling metropolis, home to a diverse population of over 5.6 million people. It is a major financial and transportation hub, and is renowned for its modern infrastructure, efficient public services, and low crime rate.

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3. Symbol of The Merlion

The Merlion, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, is the perfect symbol for Singapore. This unique creature was first seen by a Sumatran prince, and its lion head, "Singa", is a representation of this. The fish body is a tribute to the city's past, when it was known as the ancient sea town of Temasek. This fascinating symbol perfectly encapsulates the history and culture of Singapore.

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4. Singlish: The Unique Dialect of Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its unique language, Singlish, which is a combination of English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. This fascinating dialect has even been recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary, which has two Singlish entries - sinseh and lah - in its online version. Singlish is spoken widely throughout Singapore, and is a great way to experience the culture and diversity of the country.

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5. The world's largest bat species, the flying fox, lives on Palau Ubin

The small island of Palau Ubin, located off the coast of Singapore, is home to the world's largest bat species, the flying fox. This species of bat has an impressive wingspan of almost 1.5 meters, making it an impressive sight to behold. Palau Ubin is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering a unique glimpse into Singapore's natural wildlife.

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6. Singapore's Night Safari is the world's first

Singapore is home to the world's first night zoo, the Night Safari. This unique zoo allows visitors to explore the nocturnal habitats of over 2,500 animals from over 130 species, including tigers, lions, and leopards. The Night Safari is a must-see for any visitor to Singapore, offering a unique experience that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

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7. Jurong Bird Park features the tallest waterfall in the world

Singapore's Jurong Bird Park is home to the world's tallest waterfall, standing at an impressive 30 meters high. This majestic waterfall is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the park, providing a stunning backdrop to the many species of birds that inhabit the area. The park also features a variety of other attractions, such as a bird-themed aviary, a bird-watching tower, and a bird-feeding area. With its unique and diverse wildlife, Jurong Bird Park is a must-visit destination for any nature enthusiast.

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8. Singapore's Cast Bronze Fountain is the World's Largest

In 1997, Suntec City in Singapore unveiled the world's largest fountain, a stunning cast bronze structure that cost a whopping USD 6 million to construct. This impressive fountain stands at a height of 35 metres and is capable of shooting jets of water up to a height of 80 metres. It is a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of Singapore's modernity and ambition.

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9. Singapore's Long Bar Serves Iconic Cocktail, the Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling, a classic cocktail, was first served in 1915 at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. This iconic bar, located in the heart of the city, has been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike since its opening in 1887. The Singapore Sling, a mix of gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, Cointreau, pineapple juice, and lime juice, has become a symbol of the city and is still served at the Long Bar today.

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10. Singapore's Linguistic Diversity

Singapore is a country that is unique in its linguistic diversity. While English is the official language and the most widely used one, the national anthem is sung in Malay, highlighting the importance of the language in the country's culture. This is reflective of the fact that Singapore is home to a variety of languages, including Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay, all of which are officially recognized.

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