Ten fun facts about Singapore

Fact 1
Singapore is made up of only one main island. It has 63 other miniature islands, a large percentage of which are uninhabited.

Fact 2
It is amongst the world’s 20 smallest countries and its total land-mass is only 682.7 square kilometers. The U.S is around 15,000 times larger.

Fact 3
The half-lion, half-fish beast, the Merlion is a befitting symbol for this fascinating city. The lion “Singa” is a representation of an animal that was seen by a Sumatran prince. The fish is a symbol of tribute to the ancient sea town “Temasek” that Singapore used to be known as.

Fact 4
Singlish is spoken very commonly here and is a mixture of English and smattering of Malay, Chinese and Tamil. The Oxford English Dictionary’s online version has two Singlish entries- sinseh and lah.

Fact 5
One of Singapore’s islands, Palau Ubin is home to the largest bat species in the world, the flying fox with a wingspan of almost 1.5 mtrs.

Fact 6
“The Night Safari” in Singapore is the first night zoo in the world.

Fact 7
Jurong Bird Park’s 30-meter tall waterfall is the highest waterfall in the world.

Fact 8
The cast bronze fountain in Suntec City is the world’s largest fountain and in 1997, USD 6 million had been spent to build it.

Fact 9
In 1915, the Singapore Sling was first served at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel.

Fact 10
Though English is Singapore’s official language and the country’s most widely used one as well, its national anthem is sung in Malay.

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Short about Singapore
Is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia at the extreme southern end of the Malay Peninsula

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