Ten fun facts about Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Fact 1
At the age of 11, he was imprisoned for destroying his neighbor's yard with a homemade canon.

Fact 2
He was a bit of nuisance in school, requiring his father to apprentice him to a shoemaker and barber to work on his poor behavior.

Fact 3
He has published over 100 scientific works in three different languages: French, Spanish and German.

Fact 4
While serving as a medical officer in the Spanish Army, he contracted malaria and tuberculosis during an expedition to Cuba.

Fact 5
He published several science fiction stories in 1905 under the alias "Dr. Bacteria".

Fact 6
During a lecture to the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences, he admitted his belief in God as a creator.

Fact 7
His interest in pursuing studies in medicine came from his father taking him to graveyard to find human remains to study.

Fact 8
He taught as a professor at the University of Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.

Fact 9
The interstitial cell of Cajal is named after his discovery of the new cell.

Fact 10
There is a Spanish television series that commemorates his life as well as an asteroid, asteroid 117413 Ramonycajal, named after him.

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Short about Santiago Ramon y Cajal
A Spanish pathologist, histologist and neuroscientist.