Ten fun facts about Romania

Fact 1
Romania was formed when the two principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia broke the shackles of Turkish Ottoman suzerainty and merged in 1859. Romania is the ninth largest nation in the European Union by area.

Fact 2
The capital of Romania is Bucharest which is the sixth largest city in the EU. The climate is temperate and has four seasons. Summer is hot and winter is very cold.

Fact 3
Romania covers 237,500 sq km. It contains one of the largest areas of undisturbed forests in Europe. It includes 13 national parks and three biosphere reserves.

Fact 4
More than half of Romania’s Jewish population died in the Second World War.

Fact 5
The languages spoken in Romania apart from Romanian are Hungarian and German. Though the majority of Romanians are Christians, Romania does not have any official religion.

Fact 6
The second biggest river delta in the whole of Europe is the Danube. It is a World Heritage site.

Fact 7
The currency used is the Romanian “leu” (RON). Romania is a popular tourist destination of Europe.

Fact 8
The main mineral resource is oil. The primary resource is agriculture.

Fact 9
Gheorghe Marinescu, a professor in Bucharest was the first to see living nervous cells with a microscope.

Fact 10
The Bran Castle, associated with Vlad Dracul, still lies in Romania and forms its most popular tourist attraction.

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Short about Romania
Is located in the Southeastern part of Europe, bordered by Ukraine in the North, Moldovo on the east, Black Sea in the South east, Bulgaria in the south, Yugoslavia in the southwest and Hungary in the West.

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