Ten fun facts about Ukraine

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Fact 1
Ukraine is located in south-eastern Europe.

Fact 2
The religion in Ukraine is predominantly Christian.

Fact 3
The capital city of Ukraine is Kiev and has around 3 million citizens, which makes Kiev one of the largest cities in Europe. The name of the capital is said to derive from one of the founders of the city named Kiy.

Fact 4
The national dish of Ukraine is borsch, which is a soup that is a common dish in central and eastern Europe. The soup is usually made with beetroot as the main ingredient, but there is also some variations of Borsch that not uses beetroot at all, but then the dish goes under the name of green or white borsch.

Fact 5
The entire country of Ukraine is a flat plain.

Fact 6
Ukraine is rich in natural resources and has the largest reserves of sulfur in the world and the second largest reserve of mercury. Ukraine also has around 5% of the world´s iron ore.

Fact 7
The geographical center of Europe is located in the small Ukrainian city Rakhiv and has been so since the position was calculated in 1887 by the Austro-Hungarian geographers. Rakhiv is not only the geographical center of Europe but also the highest located city in Ukraine with its 430 meters above sea level.

Fact 8
The national holiday in Ukraine is August 24th.

Fact 9
The head of state in Ukraine is Leonid Kuchma.

Fact 10
Ukraine has extremely fertile black earth soils.

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Is a country located in Eastern Europe.

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