Ten fun facts about Kosovo

Fact 1
Kosovo is the newest nation of the 21st century and recognised by over 60 countries including 22 EU member states. It declared independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008.

Fact 2
The capital is Prishtina. The Euro is the official currency of Kosovo.

Fact 3
Kosovo‘s terrain is mountainous with the highest peak, Gjeravica rising 8,714 feet above sea level. It has two main plains and several notable rivers and lakes.

Fact 4
The climate of Kosovo is continental with warm summers and cold and snowy winters because of its proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the west and mountain ranges to the east.

Fact 5
Kosovo is a member of the ‘International Monetary Fund,’ the ‘World Bank Group’, ‘International Development Association’ and the ‘International Finance Corporation.’

Fact 6
The most popular sports are basketball, canoeing, boxing, chess, soccer, gymnastics, swimming and table tennis.

Fact 7
The official language of the country is Albanian and Serbian. Bosnian, Turkish, Romani and Croatian are also spoken widely.

Fact 8
Kosovo has the highest morbidity rates in Europe in terms of diseases transmitted by water.

Fact 9
The natural resources include lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold, brown coal, bauxite, lignite and nickel. Agriculture, mining and micro-enterprises are the major industries prevailing in the country.

Fact 10
About 90% of the people are ethnic Albanians, most of whom are Muslim. The remaining 10% are mainly Orthodox Christian Serbs.

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Short about Kosovo
Is a landlocked country located in south-eastern Europe bordered by Serbia to the north and east, Macedonia to the south, Montenegro to the northwest and Albania to the Southwest

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