Ten fun facts about Belarus

Ten fun facts about Belarus

1. A Country of Beautiful Landscapes and Cultural Heritage

Belarus, officially known as the Republic of Belarus, is a country located in Eastern Europe. The name Belarus is derived from the term "White Russia", and more than 80% of the population are native Belarusians. It is a landlocked country, bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Belarus is known for its rich cultural heritage, with many historical sites and monuments, as well as its beautiful landscapes and forests.

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2. Safe Driving Destination

In Belarus, the official currency is the Belarusian Ruble, and the country is known for its strict enforcement of traffic laws. Unlike many other countries, Belarusian traffic cops rarely take bribes, making it a safe place to drive. This is due to the country's commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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3. Belarus celebrates its Independence Day

Belarus gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, and to this day, the country celebrates its Independence Day on 3 July. This day is a national holiday, and is celebrated with parades, fireworks, and other festivities. It is a day of great pride for the people of Belarus, as it marks the day they gained their freedom from the Soviet Union and the beginning of a new era for the country.

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4. Two Major Religions practiced for centuries

Belarus is a country with a rich religious history, boasting two major religions: Russian Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism. Both of these religions have been practiced in Belarus for centuries, and continue to be practiced by many of its citizens today. The Russian Orthodox Church is the largest religious denomination in the country, with over half of the population identifying as Orthodox Christians. Catholicism is also widely practiced, with around a quarter of the population identifying as Catholic. Both religions have had a significant impact on the culture and history of Belarus, and continue to shape the country's religious landscape.

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5. A Presidential Republic with Two Official Languages

Belarus is a Presidential Republic, and its official languages are Belarusian and Russian. This means that both languages are used in government, education, and other official contexts. Belarusian is the native language of the majority of the population, while Russian is widely spoken as a second language.

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6. Minsk: Lenin Monuments Abound in Belarus Capital

The vibrant capital of Belarus, Minsk, is the largest city in the country and is home to a plethora of monuments dedicated to the revolutionary leader, Lenin. In fact, it is not uncommon to find a street named after him in every city throughout Belarus.

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7. A Country with a Strong Agricultural and Manufacturing Sector

Belarus is a country with a strong agricultural and manufacturing sector, making it one of the most important economic players in the region. Agriculture is the largest industry in Belarus, accounting for around 25% of the country's GDP, while manufacturing is the second largest, contributing around 20%. This has enabled Belarus to become a major exporter of agricultural and manufactured goods, with the country's exports of agricultural products alone accounting for around 10% of the total exports of the country.

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8. A Country Rich in Natural Resources

Belarus is a country rich in natural resources, boasting forests, wood, small oil and natural gas fields, dolomite, limestone, clay, sand, and granite. These resources have been put to good use in the country's industries, which include mechanical engineering, metallurgy, optics-mechanical industry, and metal working. This has enabled Belarus to produce a range of products, from tractors and agricultural cars to metal goods.

9. Major Exporter of Machinery and Equipment

Belarus is a major exporter of machinery and equipment, mineral products, chemicals, metals, textiles and foodstuffs. Its imports include mineral products, chemicals, machinery and equipment, foodstuffs and metals, with the majority of these imports coming from Russia, Germany, China, Poland and Ukraine. The country's exports are mainly directed to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and Germany, with machinery and equipment being the most exported item. Belarus is a major player in the global market, and its exports and imports are essential to its economy.

10. 3i Banks in Belarus are Controlled by the Government

In Belarus, there are a total of 3i banks, with 30 of them being owned by the government and only one being privately owned. This means that the majority of the banking sector in Belarus is controlled by the government, with only a small portion of the market being open to private ownership. This could have a significant impact on the economy of Belarus, as the government could potentially have a large influence on the banking sector.

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