Ten fun facts about Mongolia

Fact 1
Mongolia is known for its dry grassy plains, steppelands that support the traditional Mongolian livestock-herding lifestyle. 94% of the population of Mongolia is ethnic Mongols.

Fact 2
Khalkha Mongol is the official language of Mongolia and the primary language of 90% of Mongolians. The other dialects spoken are Russian and other Turkic languages.

Fact 3
The majority of the people in Mongolia are Tibetan Buddhists Lamas, followed by Muslims.

Fact 4
The climate of Mongolia is a harsh continental climate with very little rainfall and wide seasonal temperature variations. Winters are long and bitterly cold and summers are short and hot.

Fact 5
The economy of Mongolia depends upon mineral mining, livestock and animal products and textiles. The primary export is minerals, including tin, copper, gold, molybdenum and tungsten.

Fact 6
The currency used is the Tugrik/Togrog. Mongolia’s capital city is Ulaanbaatar.

Fact 7
Mongolia is the least densely populated country in the world. Majority of the people led nomadic lives till as late as the mid-20th century.

Fact 8
The world’s oldest national park, the Bogd Khan National Park was built in Mongolia in 1778.

Fact 9
The exports include apparel, copper, animal products and livestock, cashmere, wool, hides, fluorspar, coal crude oil and other nonferrous metals. The export partners are Hong Kong, China, India, Germany and South Korea.

Fact 10
Mongolia imports cars, fuel, machinery and equipment, food products, chemicals building materials, cigarettes and tobacco, industrial consumers’ goods, soap, detergents and appliances.

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Short about Mongolia
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