Ten fun facts about Belize

Fact 1
The capital city of Belize is Belmopan.

Fact 2
The average temperature for the coastal area of Belize is between 79 to 89 degrees. The rainy season is between May to November and the dry season is from February to May.

Fact 3
Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. The other regional languages spoken are Kriol, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya and Plaudietsch.

Fact 4
Belize is one of best places for shark viewing. The best times to go are during the months of April – July.In addition, the waters off Belize are known to be inhabited by more than 400 species of sub tropical fish.

Fact 5
The Black Howler Monkey is a rare species found in this country. They are considered one of the top 10 loudest animals in the world.

Fact 6
The only jaguar preserve in the world is located in the Cockscomb Wildlife sanctuary in southern Belize.

Fact 7
Belize is the birthplace of chewing gum and Punta rock.

Fact 8
Belize gained independence from the United Kingdom on September 21, 1981.

Fact 9
There are thought to be about 900 Mayan ruins scattered around the country.

Fact 10
Belize exports sugar, bananas, citrus, clothing, fish products, molasses, wood and crude oil. It imports machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and tobacco.

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Short about Belize
Is located in Central America and bordered by Mexico to the north, south and west by Guatemala and east by the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

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