Ten fun facts about Honduras

Fact 1
American writer O. Henry first applied the term “Banana Republic” to the Honduras because of the influence that American banana companies had on it for some time

Fact 2
The Honduras was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The first words uttered by him when he stepped foot here were- Thank God we found these great depths. The literal meaning of Honduras is “Great Depths”.

Fact 3
Interestingly, the capital of Honduras is made up of two cities- Comayagüela and Tegucigalpa.

Fact 4
The Honduran flag is very significant. The five stars on it is a representation of the five Central American countries and the central star represents the Honduras as it is the only one that touches all of them.

Fact 5
It is believed that the very first mass to be held in the Americas was in the Tujillo.

Fact 6
The Platano forest here has now been nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders in the World.

Fact 7
One of the world’s oldest clocks is in Comayagua.

Fact 8
After Australia, Honduras is the country with the maximum number if coral reefs. The Bay Islands are surrounded by them.

Fact 9
Since 1998, on an annual basis, the Festival de Lluvia de Peces is held here in June or July. Very interestingly, fish fall down from the sky during the festival and the festival is a celebration of this phenomenon.

Fact 10
Even to this day here are numerous Mayan ruins in the Honduran city of Copan. These ruins date back to over 1000 BC.

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Short about Honduras
Is a country situated in Central America and is also referred to as Spanish Honduras.

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