Ten fun facts about Nepal

Fact 1
Eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world including Mount Everest, are located in this country. The highest point on earth is “Sagarmatha”, which is located in Nepal.

Fact 2
It is the only country with altitudinal variation that ranges from 700 meters to 8848 meters. It has a varied landscape that ranges from Terai plains in the south to mountainous Himalayas in the north.

Fact 3
Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and the largest metropolitan city in the country.

Fact 4
Nepal covers an area of 56, 827 sq miles. It is bordered by the People’s Republic of China on the north and by the Republic of India on the east west and south.

Fact 5
Nepali is the official language and English is also spoken here.

Fact 6
The Nepalese flag is the only flag in the world that is not quadrilateral in shape.

Fact 7
Many ethnic groups live in Nepal such as the Newars, Tamang, Sherpas, Brahmins and Chhetris.

Fact 8
Nepal provides shelter to 180 species of mammals and 30 species of large wild animals. They also provide a haven for 800 species of birds, 6,000 types of moths and 650 species of butterflies.

Fact 9
Agriculture is the main source of income followed by livestock. Its chief exports are grain leather and jute goods, carpets and clothing. They import gold, fertilizer machinery and petroleum products.

Fact 10
Nepal has the highest concentration of World Heritage Sites.

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Short about Nepal
Is a multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-linguistic country which was declared a Federal Democratic Republic on 28th December 2007.

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